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Red gorgonia

The red Gorgonia has a benthic adult phase (attached to the substrate) and a planktonic larval phase that aims to spread the species to other areas. They’re a set of hermaphrodite polyps that reproduce asexually which expand longitudinally to create an ever-larger colony. Additionally they can reproduce sexually by releasing male and female reproductive cells that are fertilized externally. The larva that is created will disperse through the currents until it finds a suitable place to settle and grow. This process takes place every year in our coast around mid-June. Small purple eggs can be seen around the gorgonians, which in turn makes the reefs extra vibrant and special to look at!

Posidonia Oceanica

Posidonia oceanica is a unique marine plant in the Mediterranean Sea
It forms underwater meadows on our coasts giving protection to the beaches from storms.
It can reproduce sexually with the flowers that release a very dense pollen and the fruits. It also does so asexually thanks to the expansion of its underground stems called rhizomes.
Even so, in recent years a massive bloom has been observed that scientists believe may be related to water heating.
The flowers that reproduce successfully create fruits known as sea olives and when they ripen they come off from the plant and travel with the currents, so the species can spread to other areas.

Schools of fish

Schools of fish are composed of individuals of a similar size that swim in the same direction in order to confuse their predators.

For this strategy to be effective, the fish must constantly be aware of the position and speed of the other members and they achieve this thanks to their evolved vision that detects the silvery flashes of the scales. They also have a system of lateral lines located on the side of the body composed of cells capable of capturing vibrations generated by water, thus detecting the speed and direction of their companions around them.


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